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To our guests

Guests staying at the hotel can enjoy dinner with Okayama ingredients as the main ingredients and enjoy pancake and buffet breakfast style baked yourself.
  • Dinner

    • Okayama brand beef"Chiya Beef" A5 rank aging meat Teppanyaki & Plateau western style banquet dishes
      "Chiya Beef" A5 ranked aged meat It is a cuisine cuisine made mainly of teppanyaki.Appetizers are offered in different seasons.
    • Hiruzen Jeysey Cattle's Italian pot & plateau Western-style party cuisine
      Hiruzen Jeysey Cattle is a pot that you can eat shabu-shabu meat and bean flesh with tomato base soup stock.

      This cuisine is the basic dish of the hotel.The contents of appetizers etc. change according to the season.
    • Hiruzen Jeysey Cattle Teppanyaki & Takara's Western-style Party Cooking
      Hiruzen Jeysey Cattle loin and Calbi with teppanyaki.

      This cuisine is a plan only menu.The contents of appetizers etc. change according to the season.
    • Hiruzen Genghis Khan ( Mongolian mutton barbecue ) course
      Tender quality lamb meat with teppanyaki.

      Hiruzen a specialty of Hiruzen

      We offer it only in the plan.
    • Passionate meat【Hiruzen’s Jersey Cattle】
      Jeysey cattle are native to Jersey Island which originally floats in the Eifutsu Strait.
      Approximately 60 years ago, Jeysey cattle were introduced in Japan.It has been 60 years since I introduced Hiruzen here.
      "Jeysey cattle" asked imported cattle? Although it is often thought, Hiruzen Jeysey Cattle was a domestic beef that was born and raised in the domestic domestic market! You can eat with confidence.
      About 2,000 Jeysey cattle are raised in HiruzenThe number of breeding is the most in Japan, but it is very difficult to treat Jeysey cattle with a small number of breeding in Japan as meat.
      Jeysey cattle with high scarcity can rarely be mentioned in places other than Hiruzen
      • At the hotel, we purchase from Hiruzen Rakuno Sasayama Dairyo and provide it to our customers.

    • Passionate meat【Chiya Beef】
      Chiya Beef is "Kuroge Wagyu beef" that can be raised in part of the northern part of Okayama prefecture.

      In the past, there were no words of brand beef, and when Showa (time period) was founded by the founder of the Wagyu Registry Association, Mr Yoshitaka Habu surveyed the roots of Wagyu, it became Mr Yoshitaka Habu that Niimi City was the oldest Kazura Beef in Japan.

      Then, Chiya Beef is the origin of Japanese beef and is now called "Wagyu in Wagyu Beef".

      Brand beef spreading all over Japan is said to have spread from this Chiya Beef as the origin.

      Chiya Beef that grows there is characterized by fine fine marbling.

      In the hotel, we prepare aged meat of A5 rank among this Chiya Beef.I will eat it with teppanyaki.
    • Hotel Recommendation plan ①
      【Dinner & Basic with breakfast】Western-style Kaiseki cuisine of the plateau ~ Italian shabu-shabu ~
    • Hotel recommendation plan ②
      【Cooking importance】Okayama best grade Japanese beef A5 rank aging meat teppanyaki & Plateau western style banquet dishes
  • Breakfast

    • Pancake & breakfast buffet of style that you bake yourself
      Popular for children with "self-grill style pancakes", perfect for food education!
      Have a day starting with a smile.
      Soup and egg dishes, salad etc are buffet style ヽ ('▽ `)/
      You can also enjoy Jersey milk and yogurt in Ulsan.
    • Hotel Recommendation plan
      【1 Night/ Breakfast Included】Pancake breakfast plan style you bake yourself
  • Go to the weekend lunch

    ●Business day: Monday·Friday·Saturday·Sunday·Public holiday
    (Business from 12/1 to 3/30 is only on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. )
    ※Please contact the hotel for details as there is a possibility of change.

    ●time: 11:00 to 14:00(LO, 13: 30)
    ※Business hours may be shortened depending on the situation.Please understand.
    • Recommended menu ~ Jeysey cattle curry
      Jeysey cattle is cooked over time and it is a chef special curry.
      The toppings vegetables are of the seasons purchased at HiruzenIt depends on purchase.
    • Recommended menu ~ Genghis Khan BBQ
      I use fine lamb meat.
      Because it is not mutton, it is soft and has no smell.Salle specializes in chef.Many customers want to buy and return, it is popular sauce.
      How about BBQ on the terrace while being blown by the plateau wind?
    • Recommended menu ~ Meat udon/Tempuraoba
      【Meat noodles】
      Meat of noodles used Jeysey cattle.
      Jeysey cattle is sweet and stewed meets rice.

      Small bowls and rice are attached to the set meal.

      Alongside meat udon, this is also a popular menu.
  • We also accept banquets and charter parties

    ※Please contact us by phone for more information.