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To our guests

Guests staying at the hotel can enjoy dinner with Okayama ingredients as the main ingredients and enjoy pancake and buffet breakfast style baked yourself.
  • Dinner

    If you come to Okayama, there is a dinner where the main dish is teppanyaki of the highest-quality aged beef, “Chiya Beef” A5 rank, and Shabu-shabu of Hiruzen Jeysey Cattle.
    Have dinner with a focus on ingredients.
  • Breakfast

  • Restaurant

  • Go to the weekend lunch

    ●Business day: Monday·Friday·Saturday·Sunday·Public holiday
    (Business from 12/1 to 3/30 is only on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. )
    ※Please contact the hotel for details as there is a possibility of change.

    ●time: 11:00 to 14:00(LO, 13: 30)
    ※Business hours may be shortened depending on the situation.Please understand.
    • Jeysey cattle curry
      Jeysey cattle is cooked over time and it is a chef special curry.
      The toppings vegetables are of the seasons purchased at HiruzenIt depends on purchase.
    • Genghis Khan BBQ
      I use fine lamb meat.
      Because it is not mutton, it is soft and has no smell.Salle specializes in chef.Many customers want to buy and return, it is popular sauce.
      How about BBQ on the terrace while being blown by the plateau wind?
    • Meat noodles/Tempuraoba
      【Meat noodles】
      Meat of noodles used Jeysey cattle.
      Jeysey cattle is sweet and stewed meets rice.

      Small bowls and rice are attached to the set meal.

      Alongside meat udon, this is also a popular menu.
  • We also accept banquets and charter parties

    ※Please contact us by phone for more information.